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JAKE LOEW 'Return of the Son of Old-Time Fiddle: Digital Interface' TIKI-021-CD

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The debut album of genius old-time musician Jake Loew AND the first official Tiki Parlour novelty “party” album. In the early history of recorded sound, “party” records like the Okeh Laughing Record from the 1920s were all the rage. This CD is Tiki Parlour’s answer to those historic releases. Imagine Old-Time Fiddle meets Bill Monroe meets Nintendo meets 70s Gameshow Soundtracks meets Clockwork Orange.

“Return of the Son of Old-time Fiddle” is the ultimate fun party record for traditional music connoisseurs and avant-garde electronic music lovers. The arrangements are hilariously clever and smothered in many soothing layers of dripping wet cheese that the Super Mario Brothers would die to sink their mustaches into. It will also liven up any fiesta, even your solo dinner party in the quarantine era.

Track list:

1. Going Down to Georgia-O
2. Glory in the Meetinghouse/Lorena
3. Take Those Lips Away
4. Billy in the Lowground
5. Cider
6. Courting Days Waltz
7. Fine Times At Our House
8. Flowers of Edinburgh
9. Road To Columbus
10. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
11. Dance All Night
12. Down at the Mouth of Old Stenson
13. Maysville
14. Ducks on the Millpond
15. Dry and Dusty
16. Happy Hollow
17. Pike’s Peak
18. Roxanna Waltz
19. Plowboy Hop
20. Nitchez Over the Hill
21. Cuckoo’s Nest
22. Rocky Pallet
23. Wiley Laws Tune
24. Barlow Knife
25. Year of Jublio