DAVID BENEDICT 'The Golden Angle'  DSB-149-CD

DAVID BENEDICT 'The Golden Angle' DSB-149-CD

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Mandolinist David Benedict leads a remarkable assembly of musicians through a set of eleven original compositions. The diverse tempos and sounds demonstrate both strong bluegrass roots while exploring some very contemporary acoustic music. The Golden Angle sparkles with the exceptional musicianship of Benedict, David Grier, Missy Raines, Stuart Duncan, and others. Brilliant stuff.


  • David Benedict
  • David Grier
  • Mike Barnett
  • Missy Raines
  • Ross Martin
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Wes Corbett

Track Listing:

  • Dorrigo
  • High Stepping Jessy
  • Possible Water
  • The Golden Angle
  • Waltz for Griffin
  • 8 Is My Favorite Color
  • Leaf by Niggle
  • Lawnmower
  • Madrona
  • The Red Room
  • Colonna and Smalls