DOLLY PARTON & PORTER WAGONER 'Just Between You And Me - Complete Recordings 1967-76' (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) BCD-16889-6CD

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6-CD box (LP format) with 80-page hardback book, 160 individual titles. Total playing time approx. 408 minutes. 

The most expressive duet pair in country music history! 'Next to them all other duo formations sounded like footnotes' - music critic John Morthland
Contains timeless hits like Holding On To Nothin', Just Someone I Used To Know, Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man and Making Plans, as well as the number one hit Please don't stop loving me!
Contains many rarities, including the 1973 release, Here Comes The Freedom Train, live recordings, 160 recordings in total!

The recordings are based on a thoroughly researched biography of the renowned journalist and Dolly Parton-Biographer Alanna Nash accompanied. '... I was deeply impressed by the high art and soul of duet singing and the expressiveness with which it tells of the joys and sorrows of the human heart, but Porter and Dolly became the highest quality standard for me, and that is still today changed. In this day and age, when the radios and Ipods only spit out bloodless and overrated songs from a once venerable genre, this is the real deal, friends: Country music, just like God created it. And if there's a radio station in Heaven, Porter and Dolly will be on and on forever. ' Emmylou Harris , Nashville, January 2014

There was more to Porter and Dolly than the playfulness and mutual sexual attraction of each otherConway Twitty and Loretta Lynn or the great psychological dramas by Tammy Wynette and George Jones . They were both great songwriters. Her life was reflected in her songs. Her lyrics enriched her music in unusual and varied ways. Nobody before or after them wore glossy hillbilly suits. Both liked to cause a sensation. When Porter and Dolly first recorded together in 1967, Porter was the bigger star of the two. Dolly watched his TV shows every week as a fan. By the time their collaboration ended in 1976, Dolly was one of the greatest country music stars of all time, and Porter's greatest hits were his duo recordings with Dolly.

Her works were like her professional and private relationship: sometimes playful, sometimes romantic, sometimes tormented or unbearably sad - summarized for the first time in one publication!