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DOUG RORRER 'My Roots Are Showing' FC-062

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Doug Rorrer's roots run deep in old time and string music. Learning and drawing influence from listening to his great uncles Charlie Poole and Posey Rorer on 78's; his musical prowess comes honest. This album is a absolute must have!
  1. The Old Home
  2. When The Bees Are In The Hive
  3. Liberty 
  4. Once I Loved A Sailor 
  5. Look Before You Leap 
  6. Virgilina Breakdown 
  7. Bill Morgan And His Gal 
  8. Cowboy Waltz 
  9. Milwaukee Blues 
  10. Ragtime Annie 
  11. Angelina Baker 
  12. Driving Nails In My Coffin