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FICTION TWINS PLUS 'My Favorite Songs' RC-128

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  1. Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind 
  2. Bummin' An Old Freight Train 
  3. How Will I Explain About You? 
  4. Knoxville Girl 
  5. On The Sea Of Galilee 
  6. Watson Blues 
  7. What Became of That Beautiful Picture 
  8. Are you Tired Of Me My Darlin 
  9. The Bluebirds are Singing For Me 
  10. Go Home 
  11. Rocky Run 
  12. The Cyclone Of Rye Cove 
  13. Don't Forget Me 
  14. Mama Don't Allow 


When I was a high school student in 1960s, I enjoyed recording with two tape-recorders to overdub and it was like a magic to me. After several decades, it is still a lot of fun to record.

Nowadays with digital equipment, it is easier to get good recordings. 

Fiction Twins do not really exist, and I am the one who sings and performs most of the songs and music in this album.

After the last Fiction Twins album, I wanted to try something with a banjo and a fiddle. So I started recording a little by little. The fiddle part was impossible for me to record without the help of my friends. Fortunately, I was able to get great help from Chris Sharp, Jan Johansson, Hiroyuki Momiyama, and Hsuen-Cheng Liao ‘Ryo.’

On one song, Kazumi Watanabe joined us in the chorus. It was her first recording experience to sing in English in front of a microphone. I think she did surprisingly well.

For the last song, I added a slightly older recording of Hideyuki Watanabe’s guitar, banjo, and vocal with Chris Sharp, Terry Eldridge, and the legendary Uncle Josh Graves.

Bluegrass music is constantly evolving. I hope that the first generation of bluegrass style will remain in a part of the current evolution. Current artists and musicians are like our children and grandchildren.

I hope you enjoy my favorite songs that I have chosen here.