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HORTON BARKER 'Traditional Singer' SFW-2362-CD

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Horton Barker was a truly remarkable singer of traditional songs and ballads. Born in Laurel Bloomery, TN, he absorbed songs during childhood, while attending the School for the Deaf and Blind in Staunton, Virginia and while residing in Smyth County, Virginia. He was a regular feature at folk festivals from the 30s until his death in the early 1970s. His voice influenced countless singers during the folk revival. 

1) Wayfaring Stranger

2) Wondrous Love

3) The Gypsy's Wedding Day

4) The Miller's Will 

5) Amazing Grace

6) Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender

7) Bow and Balance

8) At the Foot of Yonders Mountain

9) The Turkish Rebilee

10) Blue-Haired Jimmy

11) The Drunkard's Courtship

12) The Farmer's Curst Wife

13) There Was an Old Lady

14) Rolly Trudum

15) City Four Square

16) Devilish Mary

18) Sweet Mary

19) Paddy Doyle