HYLO BROWN 'Sings Country Gospel Songs' - LP

HYLO BROWN 'Sings Country Gospel Songs' - LP

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A1 Sweeter Than Flowers
A2 Wait For The Light To Shine
A3 No Hidin' Place Down Here
A4 The Ship That Mother Sailed On
A5 Gently Waves The Weeping Willow
A6 Workin' On A Building
A7 One More Step
A8 Jacob's Ladder
A9 Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
A10 Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me
B1 Walking In Jerusalem
B2 Methodist Pie
B3 If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
B4 Where The Soul Never Dies
B5 He's Coming To Us Dead
B6 Two Little Orphans
B7 Too Many Parties
B8 Our Home Will Be Lonesome Tonight
B9 Paul And Silas
B10 Just A Little Closer Walk With Thee