J.E. MAINER 'Volume 11' - LP

J.E. MAINER 'Volume 11' - LP

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A1 Wasn't That A Mighty Storm
A2 Fishing Bait
A3 Coney Isle
A4 Play Mates
A5 Dig A Hole
A6 The Swapping Song
A7 Take Your Blues And Go
A8 Put Your Arms Around Me
A9 Where The Red Roses Grow
A10 Fix Your Wagon
B1 J. E.'s Hoedown
B2 Down By The Railroad Track
B3 Golden Willow Tree
B4 Punching Dough
B5 Meary Miner Blues
B6 Pride Of The Prairie
B7 He's Coming To Us Dead
B8 Fox Chase
B9 Back To The Mountains
B10 Wrong Key Hole