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JERRY SALLEY 'Showing My Age' VJR-2012-CD


Song List:
Comin’ Home To You
(Jerry Salley/Chris Stapleton)
Paper And Pen
(Jerry Salley/Allison Mellon)
Showing My Age
(Jerry Salley/Brandon Rickman)
The Best Thing I had Goin’
(Jerry Salley/Chris Stapleton)
The Broken Ones
(Jerry Salley/JB Rudd/Vip Vipperman)
He Carried Her Mem’ry
(Jerry Salley/Jim McBride)
That’s Just Me Loving You
(Jerry Salley/Lisa Shaffer)
Where I’m Coming From
(Jerry Salley Kerry Kurt Phillips)
Close To Crazy
(Jerry Salley/Melba Montgomery)
It’ll Get You Where You’re Going
(Jerry Salley/Kelley Lovelace)
That’s All That Matters To Me
(Jerry Salley/Dee Gaskin)
Back Then
(Jerry Salley/Rusty Tabor/Lance Miller)
Five O’clock Shadow
(Jerry Salley/Jim Rushing)