KATHY KALLICK BAND 'Horrible World' LO-620-CD

KATHY KALLICK BAND 'Horrible World' LO-620-CD

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A pioneer among female bluegrass band leader, Kathy Kallick established herself as one of the best singers and songwriters in the West Coast bluegrass scene. Her half-dozen compositions stand out with some of her most incisive and risky songwriting reflecting the world today in a number of ways. Kallick long ago defined her style and has, as usual, a supporting cast that helps her bring out the best.


  • Greg Booth
  • Annie Staninec
  • Kathy Kallick
  • Cary Black
  • Tom Bekemy

Track Listing:

  • Ride Away
  • Pockets Full of Rain
  • (It's A) Horrible World
  • Cascade Blues
  • Dark As The Night
  • Solid Gone
  • My Honey Lou
  • Boot Heel Drag
  • The Sunday Road
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Nothin' So Bad (It Can't Get Worse)
  • Edale
  • This Beautiful World