KATHY KALLICK BAND 'Warmer Kind of Blue' CCCD-0237-CD

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14 Tracks!

Bluegrass and folk singer Kathy Kallick makes a stupendous children's CD with Use a Napkin. The tunes are packed with a jump-up level of energy and while the lyrics move humorously and knowingly through a variety of narratives, they also share the rhythmic bounce and spry spirit of the session. Kallick's core sound is deeply enmeshed in an old-time mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and vocals setup that instantly gets kids dancing. The songs are a mix of traditional ditties, such as "The Crawdad Song" and "Liza Jane," and includes one special cut from the Count Basie songbook ("Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?"), which integrates some kid-chorus effects that will invite sing-alongs. Then there are Kallick's own energetic songs, one of which has her almost nonsensically singing, "Cats and dogs and the chickens that crow / They all know how the zydeco goes," and doing so with an absolute love for music's communicative potential. This is a stellar set. --Andrew Bartlett