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LAURIE LEWIS 'Love Chooses You' FF-70487-CD

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A wonderful classic album from Laurie. Featuring the likes of SAM BUSH, PAT ENRIGHT, JERRY DOUGLAS, RUSS BARENBERG, BUDDY EMMONS, TOM ROZUM and more!

Track List:
A1 Old Friend 3:48
A2 The Hills Of My Home 2:28
A3 The Point Of No Return 3:50
A4 I Don't Know Why 2:31
A5 I'd Be Lost Without You 4:48
B1 When The Night Bird Sings 4:32
B2 The Women Of Ireland; Ryestraw 4:09
B3 The Light 3:53
B4 Texas Bluebonnets 4:07
B5 Love Chooses You 4:27