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LEFTY FRIZZELL 'Country Music Legend: Selected Sides 1950-1959' (4CDs) JSP-77137-CD




1-1 I Love You A Thousand Wyas
1-2 If You Got The Money (I've Got The Time)
1-3 Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)
1-4 Cold Feel
1-5 Look What Thoughts Will Do
1-6 My Baby's Just Like Money
1-7 I Want To Be With You Always
1-8 Give Me More More More (of Your Kisses)
1-9 How Long Will It Takes (to Stop Loving You)
1-10 Always Late (with Your Kisses)
1-11 Mon And Dad's Waltz
1-12 Treasure Untold
1-13 Blue Yodel No 6
1-14 Travellin' Blues
1-15 My Old Pal
1-16 Blue Yodel No 2
1-17 Lullaby Yodel
1-18 Brakeman's Blues
1-19 My Rough And Rowdy Ways
1-20 Don't Stay Away (til Love Grows Cold)
1-21 It's Just You (I Could Love Always)
1-22 (darling Now) You're Here So Everything's Alright
1-23 I Can Spare The Time (I Won't Miss The Money)
1-24 A King Without A Queen
1-25 Forever (and Always)

2-1 I Know You're Lonesome (while Waiting For Me)
2-2 Lost Love Blues
2-3 That's Me Without You
2-4 Send Her Here To Be Mine
2-5 Lost Love Blues
2-6 I'm An Old Man (tryin' To Love While I Can)
2-7 You're Just Mine (only In My Dreams)
2-8 (honey Baby Hurry) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me
2-9 Time Changes Thing
2-10 California Blues (blue Yodel No 4)
2-11 Never No Mo' Blues
2-12 We Crucified Our Jesus
2-13 When It Comes To Measuring Love
2-14 Sleep Baby Sleep
2-15 I'm Lonely And Blue
2-16 Before You Go, Make Sure You Know
2-17 Two Friends Of Mine In Love
2-18 Hopeless Love
2-19 Then I'll Come Back To You
2-20 The Tragic Letter (the Letter That You Left)
2-21 Two Hearts Broken Now
2-22 You Can Always Count On Me
2-23 I've Been Away Too Long
2-24 Run 'em Off
2-25 The Darkest Moment (is Just Before The Light Of Day)

3-1 You're Too Late
3-2 My Little Her And Him
3-3 I Love You Mostly
3-4 Mama
3-5 Making Believe
3-6 Moonlight Darling And You
3-7 I'll Sit Alone And Cry
3-8 A Forest Fire (is In Your Heart)
3-9 Sweet Lies
3-10 Your Tomorrow Will Never Come
3-11 It Gets Late So Early
3-2 I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong
3-13 Promises
3-14 Today Is That Tomorrow (I Dreamed Of Yesterday)
3-15 First To Have A Second Chance
3-16 These Hands
3-17 Heart's Highway
3-18 I'm A Boy Left Alone
3-19 Just Can't Live That Fast Anymore
3-20 The Waltz Of The Angels
3-21 Lullaby Waltz
3-22 Glad I Found You
3-23 Now That You're Gone
3-24 From An Angel To The Devil
3-25 Lover By Appointment

4-1 Sick Sober And Sorry
4-2 No One To Talk But The Blues
4-3 It Is Only That You're Lonely
4-4 Tell Me Dear
4-5 The Torch Within My Heart
4-6 Time Out For The Blues
4-7 Why Should I Be Lonely
4-8 Signed Sealed And Deliver
4-9 Nobody Knows But Me
4-10 Silence
4-11 Release Me
4-12 You're Humbuggin' Me
4-13 She's Gone
4-14 Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
4-15 My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
4-16 I Love You A Thousand Ways
4-17 I've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
4-18 Mom And Dad's Waltz
4-19 I Want To Be With You Always
4-20 Always Late (with Your Kisses)
4-21 If You're Ever Lonely Darling
4-22 Knock Again True Love
4-23 The Long Black Veil
4-24 Farther Than My Eyes Can See
4-25 My Blues Will Pass