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LINDA LAY 'Linda Lay' MFR-211119-CD

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 Linda Lay is, and has been, one of the finest voices within bluegrass music. With roots in Virginia, her effortless voice brings together the warm beauty of Dolly Parton and the emotive edge of Hazel Dickens. This self-titled album, her first with Mountain Fever Records, features the talents of DAVID LAY, BRYAN MCDOWELL, DARREN BEACHLEY, NICK FALK, AARON RAMSEY, and stellar banjoist SAMMY SHELOR. Ranging from traditional bluegrass to Americana to classic country, this album delivers a wide range of musical styling by some of the purest talents in the business. Enjoy!


1) The Happiness of Having You

2) The Jingle Hole

3) Imagine That

4) The Mountain

5) Lightning

6) White Line

7) I'll Be Here in the Morning

8) Blue, Blueridge Mountain Girl

9) Standing in My Way

10) Lost in the Shuffle