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LINDLEY CREEK 'Freedom, Love, And The Open Road' PRC-1244-CD

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The band’s free-spirit and unique sound are on full display throughout the record – featuring a combination of roots music and gospel influences – Lindley Creek’s one-of-a-kind style is highlighted on all 11 recordings. But, there is a rare level of maturity, emotional depth, production value, and artistic integrity achieved on this debut recording. Due in part to the inclusion of several songs penned by Songwriting Hall of Famers such as Pat Alger, Mike Reid, and Tony Arata (to name but a few), the caliber of artistry is truly top notch.

Track Listing:
1. I Gotta Go
2. The Mockingbird’s Voice
3. Right Back Where I Started
4. Words Last Forever
5. Four Men Walkin’ Around
6. Home To You
7. I’m Gonna Take That Mountain
8. Old Soul
9. Forever Young
10. Grounded
11. Sunshine Song