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LOTUS DICKEY 'Down the Pike and Other Fiddle Tunes From Orange County, Indiana' VIGOR-1911-CD

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Mr. Dickey, a native of Indiana, was likely in his 70s when these recordings were made. They show a solid old-time fiddler with an interesting repertoire that includes standards along with tunes that may have been unique to Dickey. There are 23 tracks here, some of them include introductions as to the sources of the tunes, and all include the tunings for the fiddle. Sound quality is good on these recordings which appeared on old Marimac label cassettes in the 1990s. Dickey is accompanied by guitar and some old time banjo. A good fiddle record with lots of nice tunes.

Track List

1 Dickey's Discovery
2 Leather Britches
3 Ed Fleming Waltz
4 Allen Downey Two-Step No. 1
5 Allen Downey Medley: Greasy Strings / Down the Pike
6 Allen Downey C Waltz No. 1
7 Katy Hill
8 Yellow-Eyed Cat
9 Holiness Piece
10 Albert Dougherty Medley: Stonewall Jackson / D Tune #2 / A Tune
11 German Waltz
12 Sweet Bundy
13 Pegleg
14 Mary & John
15 Poindexter Ainsworth Medley: Porter / Billy in the Lowground
16 Little Bess
17 Oyster River Hornpipe
18 Bye-Bye My Honey, I'm Gone
19 Kiss Waltz
20 Forked Deer
21 John Coulter Medley: The Muddy Road to Kansas / The Coulter Rag / Coming Down from Denver
22 Tune Book Medley: Flowers of Edinburgh / Green Fields of America
23 The Baltimore