LOUISA BRANSCOMB 'Gonna Love Anyway'  COMP-4738-CD

LOUISA BRANSCOMB 'Gonna Love Anyway' COMP-4738-CD

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Over the course of five decades, one of the first female bluegrass band leaders has assembled a more than impressive set of compositions that goes far beyond her best known “Steel Rails.” On Gonna Love Anyway a plethora of bluegrass luminaries, especially younger women whose lives were changed by that song. They include Molly Tuttle, Dale Ann Bradley, Becky Buller, and Alison Brown.

Track Listing:

  • Gone
  • Gonna Love Anyway
  • Barefoot Girl
  • Steel Rails
  • Ain't No Good Goodbye
  • Blue Moon Blues
  • Freight Train for a Song
  • There's No Marker on Our Grave
  • Riding Double on My Old John Deere
  • Blackbird in the Rain
  • End of the Line