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1. Kingfisher – Inspired by an often loud and raucous kingfisher on a river I fish.
2. California Sky - Isn’t beauty eternal?
3. 28 – 28 years old on May 28, would see him as I drove up the Simpkins’ driveway.
4. Daffodils - Nothing prettier than a daffodil after a long winter.
5. Blue Mountain - The wind was rattling windows and memories came a’ knocking …
6. Keeping Tomorrow Away – Anybody seen my smile?
7. Cornbread - Does anyone else count hawks on long drives?
8. Chocktaw Road – A road sign in the country got me daydreaming one day.
9. Maryland Avenue - The bulldozers finally came but summer memories live on.
10. Painting & a Pony, a Whale & You & Me - A song for my niece Elle.
11. Cracker Jack Ring – A song for my wife Ali.
12. Prosperity - Written in Prosperity, S.C. on the occasion of the total solar eclipse.