MOLLY TUTTLE 'When You're Ready' COMP-4727-CD

MOLLY TUTTLE 'When You're Ready' COMP-4727-CD

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Young Molly Tuttle has been the most acclaimed bluegrass musician of the past couple of years, gathering up awards at IBMA and elsewhere. On When You're Ready, she goes in a different direction focusing on her singing and songwriting. With electric instruments, drums, and the occasional synthesizer, she goes into a deep exploration of her muse on a series of intricately layered songs. This is a brilliant album that contains not a speck of bluegrass.

Track Listing:

  • Million Miles
  • Take the Journey
  • Make My Mind Up
  • When You're Ready
  • The High Road
  • Don't Let Go
  • Light Came in (Power Went Out)
  • Messed With My Mind
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sit Back and Watch It Roll
  • Clue