PAUL WARREN 'America's Greatest Breakdown Fiddler'  - LP

PAUL WARREN 'America's Greatest Breakdown Fiddler' - LP

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A1 Durham's Reel (Key Of A) 0:47
A2 Indian Creek (Key Of G) 1:09
A3 Katy Hill (Key Of G) 1:37
A4 8th Of January (Key Of D) 1:38
A5 Twinkle, Little Star (Key Of G) 1:55
A6 Pretty Polly Ann (Key Of A) 1:18
A7 Denver Belle (Key Of D) 1:24
A8 Listen To The Mocking Bird (Key Of D) 3:26
A9 Stony Fork (Key Of A) 1:35
A10 Liberty (Key Of D) 1:37
A11 Leather Britches (Key Of G) 1:33
B1 Sally Johnson (Key Of G) 1:33
B2 Dusty Miller (Key Of A) 1:50
B3 Hop Light Ladies (Key Of G) 0:45
B4 New Five Cents (Key Of D) 1:29
B5 Grey Eagle (Key Of A) 2:23
B6 Sally Goodin' (Key Of G) 1:36
B7 Tennessee Wagoner (Key Of C) 1:16
B8 Hoedown In Hickman County (Key Of D) 1:57
B9 Black Eyed Suzy (Key Of A) 2:48