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RIDGE ROBERTS 'Lone Star Fiddler' BMR-00780-CD

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Artist: Ridge Roberts

Album: Lone Star Fiddler

​Origin: Granbury, Texas

Official Website: RidgeRoberts.com

Genre: All-Instrumental, Fiddle, Folk, Western swing, Traditional country

Configuration: Compact Disc

Release Date: January 15, 2021

Label: Branded Man Records

Production Company: Saddlehorn Productions

Ridge began playing the fiddle at the ripe old age of seven and fell in love immediately. He scoured the internet for fiddle tunes and videos, and he played for hours every day, teaching himself one tune after another, until he crossed paths with Joey McKenzie, who would become his fiddle teacher and mentor. Since those early days, his love, respect, and passion for fiddling and the music that goes along with it has only grown stronger. Now a seasoned musician at 17, he can be found competing at fiddle contests, gigging with The Western Flyers, or working on his music at home.

Fiddle: Ridge Roberts Rhythm/Tenor Guitar: Joey McKenzie Upright Bass: Dennis Crouch

Track list:

1. Grey Eagle 02:32
2. Paddy on the Turnpike 02:01
3. Crafton Blues 02:26
4. Kelly Waltz 03:03
5. Billy in the Lowground 02:02
6. Sally Johnson 02:16
7. River Road Two-Step 02:22
8. Gardenia Waltz 02:33
9. Sunnyside 01:58
10. Big John McNeil 01:54
11. Garfield's March 02:52
12. La Zenda Waltz 02:29
13. Apple Blossom 02:03
14. Brilliancy 02:00
15. Lone Star Rag 02:14
16. Lily Dale 02:37
17. Sally Goodin 03:07