SNUFFY JENKINS 'Pioneer of the Bluegrass Banjo: with Homer 'Pappy' Sherrill' ARH-9027-CD

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Bluegrass banjo is commonly associated with Earl Scruggs as he was the undisputed primary disseminator of a syncopated three-finger lead banjo style in the middle 20th century. However, three-finger banjo in a lead and proto-bluegrass band setting was well developed before Scruggs was even born. Fingerstyle banjo was first published before the American Civil War and was commonplace around the globe by the advent of recorded country music in the 1920s.

Snuffy Jenkins, originally from the NC/SC border, was one of the finest country banjo players of the 20th century and was credited as a significant primary influence by the like of DON RENO and EARL SCRUGGS. He also was one of the first people to record (before WWII) playing a 5-string mastertone Gibson banjo with finger picks in a style that is decided 'bluegrass' banjo playing.

This album showcases Snuffy withHOMER SHERRILL, GREASY MEDLIN and a host of other top notch traditional musicians. If you like bluegrass OR old-time this album is a must. From show-stopping banjo pieces to silky smooth country singing to piedmont raggy blues to bust down fiddling on numbers like BOGGY ROAD TO TEXAS, POSSUM UP A GUM STUMP or MILLER'S REEL.

We can't recommend this album enough. A must!