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Stephen Wade 'Storyteller's Story' PATUX-333-CD

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Forty plus years ago, folklorist and musician Stephen Wade embarked on the theatrical journey called “Banjo Dancing,” which became something of a sensation during the 1980s as he presented traditional music as an entertainment accessible to wider audiences. As the subtitle suggests, on A Storyteller’s Story he revisits the music that inspired the play with new and historic records. On the former, he frequently demonstrates the influence on his repertoire and style exerted by his mentor, Fleming Brown, and pre-WWII recorded music. He adds more recent tunes from Tony Ellis and Patrick Sky, plus his own additions to older songs. The greatest thrills, however, come from his historical recordings that include a 1982 Voice of America interview with Doc Hopkins, with whom Wade toured, and Hobart Smith as recorded by Brown. - Review by Art Manius