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TEXAS HILLBILLIES '1922-1937' JSP-77213-CD

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4 CD Boxset

Track list:
1 –Eck Robertson Sallie Gooden
2 –Lewis Brothers Sally Johnson
3 –Lewis Brothers Bull At The Wagon
4 –Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Blues In A Bottle
5 –Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Traveling Man
6 –Red Headed Fiddlers Paddy On The Hand Car
7 –Red Headed Fiddlers The Steeley Rag
8 –Cartwright Brothers San Antonio
9 –Cartwright Brothers Zacatecas
10 –East Texas Serenaders Dream Shadows
11 –East Texas Serenaders Babe
12 –The Fox Chasers Eighth of January
13 –The Fox Chasers Forked Deer
14 –Oscar & Doc Harper Beaumont Rag
15 –Oscar & Doc Harper Billy In The Low Ground
16 –East Texas Serenaders Gulf Waltz
17 –East Texas Serenaders Mineola Rag
18 –Red Headed Fiddlers Texas Quickstep
19 –Red Headed Fiddlers Never Alone Waltz
20 –Eck Robertson Ragtime Annie
21 –Henry C. Gilliland & Eck Robertson Turkey In The Straw
22 –East Texas Serenaders Acorn Stomp
23 –East Texas Serenaders Shannon Waltz
24 –W.A. Hinton Leather Britches
25 –Dick Devall Tom Sherman's Barroom
26 –Henry C. Gilliland & Eck Robertson Arkansaw Traveler
27 –Smith's Garage Fiddle Band Cuban Two Step Rag
28 –Red Headed Fiddlers Cheat 'Em
29 –Red Headed Fiddlers Far In The Mountain
30 –East Texas Serenaders Sweetest Flower
31 –East Texas Serenaders Combination Rag
32 –M. S. Dillehay Mexican Beans
33 –M. S. Dillehay Mother-In-Law
34 –Cartwright Brothers Utah Carrol
35 –Cartwright Brothers Get Along Little Dogies
36 –Hugh Roden & His Texas Night Hawks Possum Rag
37 –Hugh Roden & His Texas Night Hawks Crazy Rag
38 –East Texas Serenaders Del Rio Waltz
39 –East Texas Serenaders East Texas Drag
40 –Oscar Harper's Texas String Band Sally Johnson
41 –Oscar Harper's Texas String Band She Gave Up
42 –Smith's Garage Fiddle Band Beaumont Rag
43 –Smith's Garage Fiddle Band Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
44 –Eck Robertson And Family The Island Unknown (Pt 1)
45 –Eck Robertson And Family The Island Unknown (Pt 2)
46 –Arthur Miles (2) Lonely Cowboy (Pt 1)
47 –Arthur Miles (2) Lonely Cowboy (Pt 2)
48 –Lewis Brothers Caliope
49 –Lewis Brothers When Summer Comes Again
50 –Fiddlin' Jim Pate Prisoner Boy
51 –Fiddlin' Jim Pate Texas Farewell
52 –Cartwright Brothers On The Old Chisholm Trail
53 –Cartwright Brothers When The Work's All Done this Fall
54 –Eck Robertson Sally Johnson And Billy in the Low Ground
55 –Eck Robertson Done Gone
56 –Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Wake Up Jacob
57 –Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Waltz Of Roses
58 –Red Headed Fiddlers Ragtime Annie
59 –Red Headed Fiddlers Texas Waltz
60 –East Texas Serenaders Arizona Stomp
61 –East Texas Serenaders Shannon Waltz
62 –Eck Robertson And Family Brilliancy Medley
63 –Eck Robertson And Family Amarillo Waltz
64 –East Texas Serenaders Three In One Two-Step
65 –East Texas Serenaders Meadow Brook Waltz
66 –Oscar & Doc Harper Dallas Bound
67 –Oscar & Doc Harper Terrell Texas Blues
68 –Eck Robertson And Family Brown Kelly Waltz (Pt 1)
69 –Eck Robertson And Family Brown Kelly Waltz (Pt 2)
70 –Hugh Roden & Roy Rodgers (3) Chicken In The Garden
71 –Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Houston Slide
72 –Smith's Garage Fiddle Band Tom & Jerry
73 –Eck Robertson And Family There's A Brown Skin Girl Down the Road Somewhere
74 –Oscar & Doc Harper Twinkle Little Star
75 –Oscar & Doc Harper Bitter Creek
76 –Solomon & Hughes Ragtime Annie
77 –Solomon & Hughes Sally Johnson
78 –Capt. M.J. Bonner Yearling's In The Canebrake/The Gal on the Log
79 –Capt. M.J. Bonner Dusty Miller/Ma Ferguson
80 –Oscar Harper's Texas String Band Kelly Waltz
81 –Oscar Harper's Texas String Band Bouquet Waltz
82 –East Texas Serenaders Ozark Rag
83 –East Texas Serenaders Louisa Waltz
84 –Eck Robertson & Dr. J. B. Cranfill Great Big Taters
85 –Eck Robertson & Dr. J. B. Cranfill Run, Boy, Run
86 –The Fox Chasers Red Wing
87 –The Fox Chasers New Broom
88 –Red Headed Fiddlers St Jobe's Waltz
89 –Red Headed Fiddlers Fatal Wedding
90 –Cartwright Brothers Mammy's Little Black-Eyed Boy
91 –Cartwright Brothers Pickaninny Lullaby
92 –East Texas Serenaders Beaumont Rag
93 –East Texas Serenaders Serenaders' Waltz