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VG+/VG+, 2 LPs

Track List:

A1 The Bluegrass Cardinals Pretty Red Wing 1:48
A2 The Bluegrass Cardinals Ramblin' Fever 3:00
A3 The Bluegrass Cardinals The Day I Lose My Mind 2:46
A4 The Bluegrass Cardinals Eighteen Wheels 3:05
A5 The Bluegrass Cardinals A Tribute To Lester Flatt 3:05
A6 The Bluegrass Cardinals Leather Britches, Hand Full Of Stitches 1:48
B1 The Bluegrass Cardinals Don't Come Running 2:15
B2 The Bluegrass Cardinals Sing A Family Song 3:24
B3 The Bluegrass Cardinals The Old Fashioned Preacher 2:41
B4 Chubby Anthony And Big Timber Bluegrass* Come Walk With Me 2:40
B5 Chubby Anthony And Big Timber Bluegrass* Carry Me Back To Old Tennessee 2:51
B6 Chubby Anthony And Big Timber Bluegrass* I Know You're Married, But I Love You Still 3:14
B7 Chubby Anthony And Big Timber Bluegrass* Lee Highway Blues 4:06
C1 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Riverdale Flash 2:17
C2 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Somewhere Tonight 2:20
C3 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Mansion On The Hill 3:12
C4 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Take Your Shoes Off, Moses 2:20
C5 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Feudin' Banjos 2:00
C6 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups I Love You Because 3:32
C7 Don Reno And The Tennessee Cut-Ups Banjo Signal 1:57
D1 Buddy Spicher Time Changes Everything 1:41
D2 Buddy Spicher East Tennessee Blues 1:09
D3 Buddy Spicher Draggin, The Bow 1:52
D4 Buddy Spicher Dear Old Dixie 3:33
D5 Buddy Spicher Village Bells Hornpipe 1:18
D6 Buddy Spicher Goodbye, Liza Jane 1:54
D7 Buddy Spicher Earl's Breakdown 3:33
D8 Buddy Spicher Home In San Antone 3:13
D9 Buddy Spicher Uncle Pen 2:37