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THE CARTER FAMILY 'Country Music Hall of Fame' - MCA-10088-CD

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This is a GREAT bargain priced CD of the original Carter Family. Featuring 16 tracks largely recorded in the 1930s, this is a highly recommended sampler of the Carters. 

1 You Are My Flower
2 Hold Fast To The Right
3 Hello Stranger
4 In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain
5 Coal Miner's Blues
6 Lover's Lane
7 Bonnie Blue Eyes
8 You're Nothing More To Me
9 Answer To Weeping Willow
10 Charlie & Nellie
11 My Dixie Darling
12 Oh Take Me Back
13 Dark Haired True Lover
14 Just A Few More Days
15 Young Freda Bolt
16 You Denied Your Love