The Carter Family - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection BT-3123

The Carter Family - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection BT-3123

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Disc 1
1.1 Wildwood Flower
1.2 Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow Tree
1.3 Little Log Cabin By the Sea
1.4 The Poor Orphan Child
1.5 The Storms Are on the Ocean
1.6 Single Girl, Married Girl
1.7 Little Darling Pal of Mine
1.8 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.9 Anchored in Love
1.10 John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man
1.11 I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
1.12 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
1.13 River of Jordan
1.14 Motherless Child
1.15 The Western Hobo
1.16 Carter's Blues
1.17 Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
1.18 Kitty's Waltz
1.19 The Cannonball
1.20 Little Log Hut in the Hill

Disc 2
2.1 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
2.2 Wabash Cannonball
2.3 When the World's on Fire
2.4 Worried Man Blues
2.5 Lonesome Valley
2.6 On the Rock Where Moses Stood
2.7 Lonesome Pine Special
2.8 No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
2.9 Weary Prodigal Son
2.10 When I'm Gone
2.11 Lonesome for You
2.12 Can't Feel at Home
2.13 Mid the Green Fields of Virginia
2.14 Picture on the Wall
2.15 Tell Me That You Love Me
2.16 Where We'll Never Grow Old
2.17 We Will March Through the Streets of the City
2.18 I'll Be Home Someday
2.19 Faded Coat of Blue
2.20 Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine

Disc 3
3.1 Can the Circle Be Unbroken?
3.2 My Dixie Darling
3.3 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
3.4 The Wayworn Traveller
3.5 Just Another Broken Heart
3.6 In a Little Village Churchyard
3.7 Jealous Hearted Me
3.8 No Depression (In Heaven)
3.9 In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
3.10 Hello Stranger
3.11 Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand of You
3.12 When This Evening Sun Goes Down
3.13 You Better Leave That Liar Alone
3.14 You Are My Flower
3.15 Lonesome Homesick Blues
3.16 Girl on the Green Briar Store
3.17 Something Got a Hold of Me
3.18 Keep on the Firing Line
3.19 Waves on the Sea
3.20 Rambling Boy