THE DILLARDS 'Old Road New Again' PRC-1246-CD

THE DILLARDS 'Old Road New Again' PRC-1246-CD

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Like most Dillard collections, this one is by turns wistful and whimsical, forward looking and nostalgic, hopeful and apprehensive. Apart from the solid underpinnings provided by the band members—Rodney Dillard, Beverly Cotten-Dillard, Gary Smith, Tony Wray and George Giddens—the album glows with guest appearances from such luminaries as Don Henley, Ricky Skaggs, Sharon and Cheryl White, Herb Pedersen, Bernie Leadon, Sam Bush and Tim Crouch.

Track list:

1. Earthman

2. Save the Last Dance for Me

3. Common Man

4. Always Gonna Be You

5. Funky Ole Hen

6. Sweet Companion

7. The Whole World Round

8. Tearing Our Liberty Down

9. My Last Sunset

10. Old Road New Again

11. Take Me Along For The Ride