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THE POPLIN FAMILY 'The Poplin Family of Sumter, SC' SFW-2306-CD

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The members of this musical family learned from their parents and from singers on the radio, including the Carter Family and Gid Tanner, but created and retained an individual style that distinguishes them from other string bands. This album presents both traditional and original songs.

1. Goin' Back to Sumter
2. Hannamariah
3. Sit at Home
4. Sumter Rag
5. River of Jordan
6. Catfish
7. I Don't Want To Get Married
8. Somebody's Been Beating My Time
9. Crawdad Song
10. The Preacher and the Bear
11. Sweet Kiss Waltz
12. Just Because
13. Eyes Like Cherries
14. The Blues Don't Mean a Thing
15. Cindy Gal
16. I Don't Drink Your Whiskey
17. Panhandle Rag
18. Hammer Ring
19. Steel Guitar Rag
20. You Gotta See Your Mama Every Night
21. Brown's Ferry Blues
22. Old Reuben
23. Fingers on Fire
24. My Home is Not in South Carolina