THE PRICE SISTERS 'A Heart Never Knows' REB-1868-CD

THE PRICE SISTERS 'A Heart Never Knows' REB-1868-CD

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After their 2016 seven-song debut EP served as a mini-introduction to the bluegrass community, Lauren and Leanna Price's first full length effort A Heart Never Knows shows that they have taken a quick and giant leap forward. A Heart Never Knows pairs them once again with Grammy-winning producer Bil VornDick, and they are joined by a superb group of musicians including guitar wizard Bryan Sutton, banjo master Charlie Cushman, and bassists Mike Bub and Dennis Crouch. The album is a satisfying mix of obscure gems from pioneers such as the Carter Family and the Delmore Brothers, coupled with stunning new songs from some of today's top songwriters. A Heart Never Knows confirms that The Price Sisters have arrived, and that the future of bluegrass is in good hands.

Track Listing:

  • Love Me or Leave Me Alone
  • You've Been a Friend to Me
  • If I'm Gonna Be Lonely
  • Singing My Troubles Away
  • A Heart Never Knows
  • Widow of the Mountain
  • Dark and Stormy Weather
  • The Lee Wedding Tune
  • God's Beautiful Hills
  • Remembrance is a Golden Chain
  • Raindrop Waltz
  • Get on the Main Highway