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THORNTON SPENCER 'Fiddling Through the Years CD/Book Set' - WMB-2023-SET

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Thornton Spencer is without doubt one of the most influential and widely heard Appalachian fiddlers of the past few generations. Beginning in the 1940s, Thornton absorbed the music all around him in the White Top, Grayson County, Virginia area. His primary influence and mentor, ALBERT HASH, was a renowned luthier and successor to G. B. GRAYSON's place playing with country music pioneer HENRY WHITTER. Thornton carried genuine Appalachian music around the world for over a half century with different band iterations including the legendary WHITETOP MOUNTAIN BAND. Newly released as a collaboration between Thornton's family and son KILBY SPENCER, along with the Virginia Folklife Program, this 2-CD and book set features 52 tracks ranging from the early 1950s to the 2010s. With accompaniment from regional musical masters like FLURRY DOWE, SONNY FUNK, DALE POE, E.C. BALL, EMILY and MARTHA SPENCER, JACKSON CUNNINGHAM and many more, this is the finest single document of Thornton's music and legacy. Along with this stellar 2-CD set and its accompanying notes and photos, you also get a splendid, light-hearted 20 page booklet of stories, reminisces and yarns collected by Thornton that was originally slated for publication in the 1970s. 

1. Train 45
2. Sugar Hill
3. Sparta Stomp
4. Snowline
5. Polly Put the Kettle On & Chicken Reel medley 
6. Shortening Bread
7. Great Big Taters & Cumberland Gap medley
8. Lee Highway & Florida Blues medley 
9. Sally Ann 
10. Sally Was a Poor Girl 
11. Echoes of the Blue Ridge
12. Flop Eared Mule
13. Pickin' Out the Devil's Eyes
14. Dusty Miller 
15. Spencer's Reel 
16. Soldier's Joy
17. Dungannon
18. Whispering Winds
19. My Child is Gonna Be a Miner
20. Loafer's Dream
21. Chinese Breakdown
22. Bill Cheatham
23. Johnson Boys
24. Sally Ann
25. Whoa Mule
26. Lost John in G 
27. Cacklin' Hen
28. Lost John
29. Bull Plus 10 Percent
30. Loafer's Dream
31. Black Mountain Rag
32. Bear Creek Hop
33. Old Molly Hare
34. Black Eyed Susie
35. Cacklin' Hen
36. Baby-Oh
37. Lost Indian
38. Whoa Mule
39. Casey Jones
40. Arkansas Traveler
41. Old Jimmy Sutton
42. Lafayette
43. Granny Will Your Dog Bite
44. 8th of January
45. Liberty
46. Spencer's Reel
47. Creed Powers' Tune
48. Mississippi Sawyer
49. Shortening Bread
50. I Don't Love Nobody
51. Whoa Mule (Galax 1952) 
52. Rachel 

These sets are being produced in small numbers. When we're out, that may be it!