TROY ENGLE 'Fox Hollow Memories' RGM-320-CD

TROY ENGLE 'Fox Hollow Memories' RGM-320-CD

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TROY ENGLE 'Fox Hollow Memories: Songs I Wrote With Dixie and tom T. Hall'
Track list:
1. Welcome Aboard
2. Let's Go Walking Again (feat. Tom T. Hall)
3. How's It Feel
4. Fox Hollow Memories (feat. Linda Lay)
5. Mama What Does Heaven Look Like There (feat. The Isaacs)
6. That's Kentucky
7. Everybody Got a Light
8. Be What You're Wanting Your Neighbor to Be
9. Fisherman's Prayer
10. Where's the Lonesome
11. Angels Gathering Flowers
12. Putting on My Leaving Shoes

Track Listing:

  • Southern Skies
  • Haunting Me
  • Days Between The Dust
  • Mama Raised Me Right
  • Keeping Things Together
  • Home Of My Heart
  • Life In A Song
  • Springtime In Old Tennessee
  • Light Is the Cross
  • Snow On The Mountain
  • Lonesome Pine
  • You Can Go Home