TROY ENGLE 'Southern Skies' RGM-118-CD

TROY ENGLE 'Southern Skies' RGM-118-CD

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After 20 years backing others, Engle plays all the instruments, wrote all the songs, and does all the singing on his solo debut, save for a Christmas album. It was worth the wait. Southern Skies is an excellent collection of several styles that form contemporary bluegrass from slow burn Larry Sparks-like ones to barn burners.

Track Listing:

  • Southern Skies
  • Haunting Me
  • Days Between The Dust
  • Mama Raised Me Right
  • Keeping Things Together
  • Home Of My Heart
  • Life In A Song
  • Springtime In Old Tennessee
  • Light Is the Cross
  • Snow On The Mountain
  • Lonesome Pine
  • You Can Go Home