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TRUFFLE VALLEY BOYS 'Sing and Play Authentic Blue Grass' TB-3002-LP

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Sing And Play Authentic Blue Grass is the Truffle Valley Boys' fifth release, and the third one produced in collaboration with the good folks at Tenbrooks Records.
This brand-new 10" LP features a carefully picked selection of twelve obscure tracks from the early days of Blue Grass music, including some that were never previously issued by their authors, as well as one original composition.
Fully recorded live on tape with a single 1950s Altec microphone, using all-analog equipment, this release harkens back to an era when records were a snapshot of a moment in time. The producer’s goal was not to attain absolute perfection, but rather to capture the genuine power of the musical performance, as truthfully as possible, in all its raw beauty.

Side A

1) You'll Never Find Another

2) Have Mercy on Me

3) I'll Never Forget

4) High As A Mountain

5) I Was Blind to Your Love

6) I Promise You

Side B

1) I Could Love You All the Time

2) Dreamland

3) Green Light In My Heart

4) Bitter Feelings

5) Wasted Love

6) Nobody Cares (Not Even You)