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VARIOUS 'Classic Blues vol. 2' SFW-40148

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  1. Dark Road 
  2. Step It Up and Go 
  3. It Was Early One Morning 
  4. Blues-Until My Baby Comes Back Home 
  5. That's No Way To Do 
  6. Farro Street Jive 
  7. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Depot Blues) 
  8. Graveyard Blues 
  9. 44 Blues 
  10. Big Fat Mama 
  11. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor 
  12. Lieutenant Blues 
  13. The Woman Is Killing Me 
  14. Little Drops of Water 
  15. When Things Go Wrong (It Hurts Me Too) 
  16. Poor Boy a Long, Long Way from Home 
  17. My Jack Don't Drink Water no More 
  18. 'Way Behind the Sun 
  19. Tell Me, Baby 
  20. Just A Dream 
  21. Jelly Jelly 
  22. Down In The Alley