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WILSON BANJO CO. 'Six Degrees Of Separation' PRC-1255-CD

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After working for years as a celebrated custom banjo builder and seasoned recording engineer, Steve Wilson has worked with the best of the best in the American Roots music world. That influence is on full display, as indicated by the who’s-who roster of artists featured on Six Degrees of Separation. Guests performing on the record include Michael Cleveland, Richard Bennett, Dale Ann Bradley, Alan Bibey, Shawn Lane, Deanie Richardson, Gena Britt, Clay Hess and many more. Also singing lead vocals on seven cuts is Wilson Banjo Co.’s Sarah Logan.

The first taste of the new record came in the form of lead single, “Wrong Turn That Led Me To You.” Written by Steve Wilson and Britany Wilson, the track features lead vocals by Colton Rudd. Wilson Banjo Co. followed that with the second single “Midnight on the Highway,” a unique take on a classic Hot Rize song (co-written by Tim O’Brien). The current single is the edgy and haunting recording, “When The Crow Comes Down.” Written by Jordan Rainer, Kevin Brandt and Tristen Smith, the group is excited to reveal the official video for the song in the next few weeks, which was recently shot in South Carolina.

Track List:
1. When The Crow Comes Down (written by Jordan Rainer, Kevin Brandt, Tristen Smith)
2. Midnight On The Highway (written by O’Brien, Forster, Wernick
3. The Ambassador (written by Steve Wilson, Glen Crain)
4. Issaqueena (written by Steve Wilson, Glen Crain)
5. Colors Of My Life (written by Melanie Wilson, Steve Wilson)
6. She Is A Gambler (written by Melanie Wilson, Steve Wilson)
7. Just A Few More Miles (written by Linne Black)
8. Old Fashioned Ways (written by Severin Theinert)
9. Autumn Leaves (written by Donna Hughes)
10. Wrong Turn That Led Me To You (written by Steve Wilson, Britany Wilson)
11. Long Hard Day (written by Copely, Lightman)
12. Long Hard Day (alternate cut) (written by Copely, Lightman)