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A Note from Dave Freeman

A Note from Dave Freeman

Dear Fans of County Sales,

I hope you are as happy as I am to know that this world-famous business is reopening today! County Sales is back selling the best selection of CD's, DVDs, LP's books and other items related to old-time and bluegrass music!

I consider it a stroke of luck to be able to find a buyer, in Dylan Locke, who is knowledgable and enthusiastic about the music...and has another business within walking distance of the County Sales warehouse at The Floyd Country Store! A business steeped in the same traditional music you'll find at County Sales.

I feel encouraged that the path forward is going to be a healthy continuation for County Sales. And fans of old time music and bluegrass will continue to appreciate and enjoy the huge selection of rare, hard to find recordings in stock. 

Dylan has done great work building the new website which gives the catalogue a nice new home and we are both thrilled with the direction it's going. I feel strongly that this will be an important and successful new addition to Floyd County and beyond.
If you are ever anywhere near the Town of Floyd, stop in and see the world's largest selection of old time and bluegrass music!

Thanks for the years of support!

Dave Freeman