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Field Recorders' Collective

The Field Recorders' Collective is an organization doing the important work of making publicly available the rare field recordings of a variety of traditional musicians. These collections provide an honest glimpse into the unique styles and repertoires of these heritage musicians who have carried on regional music traditions over the last century, preserving their music for a new generation of traditional music enthusiasts so that the circle may remain unbroken.

"Musicians entering the scene today will never get to spend time with the older musicians; they are now almost all gone. If you ask musicians new to old time music, ”Where did you learn that tune?” many will say, “From so-and-so at such-and-such a festival.” If you are familiar with the source, often their version seems completely removed from the source, watered down and homogenized. John Cohen once told me that sometimes the most radical thing you can do to move ahead is to go backwards. I hope that the [Field Recorders’ Collective] can leave a legacy for future travelers, repaving the old time highway to reconstruct this music with the old timers as guides. In the end, I can only say it was a treasure for me to be shown this direction by them."
 —Ray Alden, 2003


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