'Homegrown Music' by Stephanie P. Ledgin     BOOK: HOMEGROWN_MUSIC

'Homegrown Music' by Stephanie P. Ledgin BOOK: HOMEGROWN_MUSIC

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(Praeger Publishers, 2004) 182pp. Sub-titled “Discovering Bluegrass”, this is more of an introductory guide for those just getting into the music than any heavyweight examination of the Bluegrass genre. The book is well-organized, but like any such work it skims very briefly over people and events that we’d like to hear more of—of necessity there are omissions, but also a lot of questionable calls: why are there 4 paragraphs devoted to Klezmer music and not a word of mention to Bluegrass near-legends Jim Shumate, Edd Mayfield, Rudy Lyle, Larry Richardson, Red Taylor, etc? There are references to Phish and Leftover Salmon, but none for Curly Seckler. Author Ledgin—who once worked for the early Bluegrass publication PICKIN’—has a good working knowledge of Bluegrass, and for those who want a short, easily read overview of the music this is not a bad start.