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WOW! About half way through the first tune on this album (POCA RIVER BLUES) you may think that the legendary Clark Kessinger has returned and cut another album! Looking at the rest of the tune titles will just confirm that Kessinger obviously had to be the major influence on Hurt, who in our opinion can take his place right now with the best fiddlers in the country (and that is a very big statement to make). The other tunes that show off the uncanny Kessinger style include OLD JAKE GILLIE, RED BIRD, RICHMOND POLKA, CHINKY PIN, SALLY ANN JOHNSON, RAGTIME ANNIE, and SALT RIVER. And just to show us that he is not just a one-dimensional fiddler, he provides a wonderful GRASSY FIDDLE BLUES straight from the styling of the late, great Kenny Baker. Robert Montgomery and Jeremy Stephens, on banjo and guitar respectively, provide a solid, energetic backing that reminds us of Gene Meade and Wayne Hauser's dynamic picking behind Kessinger in their glory days. Hurt, who is now part of Karl Shifflett's Big Country Show can play jazz and pop as well --among the 14 tunes here are OH LADY BE GOOD, I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE and WHEN I GROW TOO OLD TO DREAM. What a great album! We'd call it a MUST for anyone who loves great fiddling. $ 14.99